I. Introduction

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C. Why NBBC?

So if you're convinced that BBCode is right for your application, you still may be wondering why you should use NBBC instead of another BBCode library, or instead of just rolling your own solution. We believe NBBC is better:

  • NBBC is correct and compliant. Unlike many other libraries (and definitely unlike many roll-your-own solutions), NBBC's output is compatible with the restrictions of XHTML 1.0 Strict: The output HTML is correctly-structured no matter how badly-mangled the user's input is, so even the ugliest damaged input can still pass an XHTML-validation test.
  • NBBC is fast. Built on a solid foundation of compiler technologies, NBBC can compete with the best BBCode-parsing solutions that you can implement, and can sometimes even outperform a simple str_replace() or preg_replace()-based solution!
  • NBBC is lightweight. You can easily implement NBBC in any environment by including a single PHP source file. Drop it in and away you go!
  • NBBC is easy to use. Adding basic support for BBCode in your application can be done in only three lines of code. Why limit your users to plain text or implement complicated HTML validation when you can add sophisticated formatting in three lines of code?
  • NBBC implements most common BBCode tags. Right out of the box, you have support for everything from common tags like [b] and [i] to sophisticated tags like [code] and [quote] and even [columns]. For most needs, you won't need to add or change a thing.
  • NBBC supports smileys! Not all BBCode parsers support smileys (emoticons) directly, and fewer still include 30 of the most commonly-used ones right out of the box! You can always add your own custom smileys, but for a lot of purposes, NBBC's built-in smileys will be all you'll ever need.
  • NBBC is extensible. If NBBC doesn't have the tags you want or need for your environment, they're incredibly easy to add with its sophisticated API. Many tags can be added in only a few lines of code!
  • NBBC is well-documented. Not only is the source-code well-commented and designed to be easy to read, there are over 50 pages of documentation describing how to use NBBC and its features.
  • NBBC is tested. NBBC has a large regression-test suite that is designed to ensure its correctness: While most other BBCode solutions are content to just swap a tag for a tag, NBBC is designed with predictability, security, and stability in mind, so you can ensure that its output is safe and correct no matter what input your users provide.

Fast, powerful, clean, flexible, and lightweight: NBBC is designed to be the perfect BBCode-processing library.

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